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Quality Automotive Painting for River Grove Drivers

The automotive painting professionals at E & M Auto Body Repair are ready and able to perform all of your auto paint needs. Maybe you just need a minor touchup where your car doors have been bumped, or where you’ve been hit with a few rocks and your paint is chipped. Or maybe you’re interested in a complete paint job to help your trusty older vehicle look like new. In the unfortunate event of an accident, painting may also be a part of repairing the damage that has been caused to your vehicle.

Whatever the case may be, E & M Auto Body is here to provide the auto paint you and your vehicle need!

More About Minor Paint Repairs

We’ve all experienced rock chips and door dings from shopping carts. While these blemishes don’t affect the operation of your vehicle, they undeniably detract from its looks. Our automotive painters can fix those imperfections and perfectly match your vehicle’s paint. There are also times, as your car ages, that the paint will crack. We can fix these fissures with a professional refinishing procedure.

If you’re getting ready to turn in a car you’re leasing, it may benefit you to bring the vehicle in, and let us give you a quote to fix any flaws. Minor paint repairs generally cost much less than you think. Even with just a polish and complete auto detailing service, you can improve the look of your car.

More About Major Paint Repair & Complete Automotive Painting

Many people don’t think about repainting a vehicle, unless it has been involved in a collision. However, there are many other reasons to paint your car or truck. For example, if your car is older but still runs great, getting a new paint job will make it look as nice as it runs.

Major Paint Repair & Complete Automotive Painting

At E & M Auto Body Repair, we only hire automotive painting professionals who meet our standards for complete auto painting. These technicians are specialists who are familiar with all of the newest painting techniques. And we only use the best, most reliable, and environmentally safe paints and materials to paint your vehicle.

Bottom line—you can trust us to make your car look phenomenal. Because when we make you look good, we look good.

Vehicle Restorations

While collision repair is a big part of our business, we love doing all types of auto body work at E & M. Particularly we find great joy in restoring older vehicles. Our team enjoys this part of our job because when someone brings a car in to be restored there is usually a story to be told.

And auto body professionals love to hear these stories… maybe the vehicle is a dream car, unaffordable until now, or maybe it’s a vintage roadster just like the one grandpa drove. Whatever the tale, it’s fun and immensely satisfying to return an older vehicle to its full glory.